Online Worship

Miss a week? Want to hear it again? Just want to check out worship at Midland? 

Hope you enjoy! Check out our YouTube page for more worship services.

Grasping for Perspective

Times have been different...for a while. Just when we thought we could return to "normal," changes once again brought us to a place of a new normal. In the midst of it all, many are grasping for perspective. Join us each Sunday at  9:30am, or 11am in-person -OR- Check out some of our previous post for an online worship experience at home. We have temporarily paused our online worship while we prepare for some new exciting changes in the new year. 

God's Power

Following VBS '21, we take a moment as adults to focus on the very thing the kids did throughout Vacation Bible School, because we all need to be reminded that God continues to do amazing things!


secrets of the kingdom of heaven

Jesus told stories to teach. But not everybody got it, and it's not all about you. The question becomes: how does this teach me something about the new world and the new values of the kingdom of God that I am a part of? 


Conflict is a part of life for everyone. Interpersonal conflict. Conflict between communities. Nations. Churches. Personal conflict with close friends, family, and total strangers. The question becomes, how do we respond to find and live life to the fullest in the midst of conflict?