Small Groups

Life is better when you are connected. At Midland, small groups offer one of those opportunities to connect. Here is list of groups meeting at this time. If you don't see one that works for you, let us know. You are probably not the only one. A new group may be ready to get started.


10:30am- No Ordinary Sunday School (Russell Building)

6:30pm- Youth Ministry (Jenkins Hall)


10:30am- Mat/Hat Ladies (Jenkins Hall)


10:00am- Pastor Led Bible Study (Russell Building)

  1:30pm- Canasta Card Ladies

6:00pm- Young Families Bible Study/Dinner (Brinkman Home)

6:00pm- Mixed Ages Bible Study (Russell Building)


6:00pm- Mixed Ages Bible Study (Jenkins Hall)

7:00pm- Chancel Choir (Jenkins Hall)